Purchase Life Annuity Rates Calculator

AnnuitySupermarket can find you the best annuity rates from the whole market using our unique purchase life annuity rates calculator.

The purchased life annuity has to be purchased from your own money, it is a contract that provides an income from an investment of your own money.

Guaranteed income for life

No tax on capital element of income

Option to pay benefits on death

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Taxation – Purchase Life Annuities

The taxation of purchased life annuities enables the payment to be divided into two parts, a capital element and an interest element on which tax is payable. To qualify the purchase life annuity has to be accepted by HMRC.


Purchase Life Annuity Calculator

Use our online purchased life annuity calculator which will help you find the best annuity rates from the whole of the market including Canada Life and Aviva. The calculator can also find the rates from every provider that offers purchase life annuities


Purchased Life Annuity Quotes, Charges and Prices

When you get purchased life annuity quotes you also need to consider the charges, prices and whether the annuity rates are value for money.

Why would I buy a purchased life annuity?

A purchased life annuity is useful if you need a regular income and have some money to invest. The best purchased life annuity rates can be found using an online annuity calculator. With a purchased life annuity you might want to:

  • top-up existing pension income;
  • pay for fees such as those for a retirement home;
  • get additional income until you receive your pension;
  • get a regular income until other investments mature;
  • provide income for a child or grandchild at college or university.

If you’ve a lump-sum to invest from a source such as:

  • a sale of a house or shares;
  • a tax-free lump sum from a pension fund;
  • your savings;
  • an inheritance;
  • an unexpected windfall;
  • a maturing life plan; or
  • a redundancy payment,

Why Choose Annuity Supermarket?

We’ll search the UK market to find you the best annuity rates for your needs and with strong relationships with some of the UK’s top annuity providers we can find you deals which may not be available elsewhere.


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